1. Allow participants to experience the constraints and hurdles encountered by people with disabilities when doing sports and their enjoyment from it
  2. Understand and experience what disabled people do on a daily basis and what they are capable of
  3. Help non-disabled people understand what the physically challenged have experienced and how they feel via their personal stories and actions
  4. Enable participants to be more empathetic and resilient
  5. Help people with disabilities become athletic leaders/mentors/training assistants


  1. Know people with disabilities and the sports they do
  2. Learn how to use a wheelchair and complete wheelchair challenges
  3. Complete challenges with knees tied up
  4. Complete challenges with only one hand like people with amputations
  5. Listen to the personal stories from people with disabilities and to communicate with them


This workshop features an activity-based learning experience so as to help healthy people build empathy towards the physically challenged. It also enables people with disabilities to share their personal stories and non-disabled people to communicate with them face to face. The latter, thus, can better understand how those disabled people participate in physical activities. In the workshop, the rights and characteristics of the physically challenged are also discussed from different angles, such as how the Paralympics started and what was encompassed, how sports for people with disabilities in Hong Kong should be developed, and how people with disabilities can benefit from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This workshop aims to inspire people with disabilities to do sports and facilitate PHAB integration.