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Leadership Development Programme (for People with Disabilities)


  1. Allow physically challenged people with potential to seek long-term development in sports
  2. Help them become athletic leaders/mentors/training assistants
  3. Inspire and lead other disabled people to do sports through personal experience and action
  4. Build professional expertise in sports for people with disabilities based on sports science fundamentals and practical skills


This programme aims to draw on what people with disabilities are capable to do to benefit their group. It equips them with professional knowledge and practical skills in sports so that they can become athletic mentors/leaders in the future. In this programme, sports training, coaching management, and sports science fundamentals are explained in a clear manner and learned via practice to meet the real needs.

Lesson 1Sports Training Principles
Lesson 2Sports Skills
Lesson 3Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment
Lesson 4Physical Fitness Test and Evaluation
Lesson 5Programme Planning and Management
Lesson 6Coaching/Leadership Skills
Lesson 7Activity Designing Principles
Lesson 8Characteristics of Juveniles/People with Disabilities
25 hoursPractice (Application)