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Let’s darts – Sitting Darts Game


Provide a platform for darts fans to compete fairly and learn from each other by communicating and sharing. Players throw the darts, trying to hit the bull’s eye and win. It’s also an opportunity to promote this sport via the competition.

Equipment: The competition adopts the system of “Sitting Soft Tip Darts”, which means the height of the bull’s eye to the ground is 1.37 meters, and the players shall throw shafts in a sitting position.

How to play:

The match is conducted in Count-Up mode, with two players competing in each match. The first player to win two games wins the match. Players need to accumulate points from zero in each game, taking turns to throw 3 darts in each round and the one with the highest score after the 8th round will win the game. If the players accumulate the same points, the winner will be decided by CORK, i.e., the player whose darts are closest to the centre of the bull’s eye will win.

How to apply:

You can return the “Application Form for the Activities” attached to the newsletter to HKFHY by fax, post, and in person after completing it.

Note: The actual schedule and other rules of the match will be revealed to players after the application list is finalized.

There is no breakdown of disability levels/categories for this year’s match to encourage more people with disabilities to participate. (We know that each person has a different level of ability, so we encourage everyone to enjoy the match to achieve the goal of it.)

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Let’s darts – Sitting Darts Game